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NPMO Organizational Chart

Sections and Functions

Institutional Development Section

  • Identification of AD/IP institutional development activities/program.
  • Preparation of institutional development activity designs.
  • Conduct of institutional development activities such as trainings, consultation meetings, workshop, etc.
  • Preparation of evaluation/assessment tools for IP /AD level of development.
  • Mentor/Coach the National IP Facilitator in institutional development activities.
  • Conduct of assessment activity.
  • Preparation and submission of institutional development status/accomplishment report to concerned section/unit.

Agriculture Fisheries Technology and Marketing Section

  • Identification of AD/IPS/IPO agricultural development activities.
  • Preparation/Formulation of AD agricultural development plan.
  • Conduct/Assist in agricultural & fisheries project validation.
  • Provision of technical assistance on agricultural development.
  • Conduct monitoring of agricultural development projects/activities.
  • Mentor/Coach the National IP Facilitators in agricultural technical activities.
  • Preparation and submission of agricultural technical status/ accomplishment report to concerned section/unit

Monitoring and Evaluation, Management Information System Section

  • Coordination with all concerned offices/sections/units for the report system and planning requirements.
  • Device planning, & monitoring tools/system to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of program/project accomplishment.
  • Cascade DA 4K program/project-related planning, monitoring and evaluation to RPMSO.
  • Preparation and packaging of DA 4K monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports and its analysis and other demand reports.
  • Preparation of success stories.
  • Preparation of report or presentation templates for use of the office and for uniform data requirements.
  • Formulation of program/project strategies and mechanism to facilitate program/project implementation.

Administrative and Finance Section

  • Coordination with the DA Finance and Administration for the office requirements and guidance on new office management.
  • Preparation of DA 4K Project Financial reports and analysis.
  • Support to operation on the logistic needs of DA 4K Project.
  • Conduct financial monitoring in RFOs’ fund utilization and in the project implementation.