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WHEN: 13-17 March 2023


The activity to workshop the proposed Level of Development System for Indigenous Peoples Organizations (IPOs) was conducted to measure the capacity of the IPOs in relation to managing and sustaining development interventions provided to them.

The activity aimed to gather inputs from program implementers and partners toward the eventual roll-out of the said tool to aid the assessment of and suggest appropriate interventions for ICCs/IPOs partner beneficiaries. Specifically to test the viability and applicability in their respective area of responsibility and finalize the development of the assessment tool.

The participants were divided into four (4) clusters to visit four (4) different targeted IPOs in Tanay, Rizal as follows:

Cluster 1

IPO Name: Tunghayan at Ugnayan sa Cuyambay ng mga Dumagat at Remontado para sa Unawain ang Aral ng mga Ninuno (TUCDUAN) – Barangay Cuyambay

Cluster 2

IPO Name: Samahang Katutubo ng Brgy. Mamuyao – Barangay Mamuyao

Cluster 3

IPO Name: Samahang Tribu ng Dumagat Remontado ng Brgy. San Andres – Barangay San Andres

Cluster 4

IPO Name: Daraitan Alas Asin Manggahan Yamang Ating Kalikasan (DAM-YAK) – Barangay Daraitan

Before the testing, the IPO Level of Development Tool was presented along with its guidelines and the participants were briefed on what should be done in the field during the activity. Each cluster was allotted time to arrange the taskings among the members and conduct a small group discussion.

On the next day, each cluster set off to their respective areas and conducted an orientation on the Tool testing process with the corresponding IPOs.

Upon the return, each cluster was allotted another time to discuss the result tabulation and computation and was presented with the Cluster process result (based on observation), IPO Level of Development result classification, and IPO Level of Development Analysis to interpret the said results.

Each cluster then presented the IPO development level of their respective IPO.

The activity concluded with the next steps to strategically plan the direction of the Program and harmonize all efforts as well as essential and relevant interventions in all agri-fishery requirements in “Responding to the needs of the IPs/ICCs towards satisfaction.”

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